Wednesday, July 19, 2006 

Full Circle

The time has arrived when all of our efforts in rescue come "Full Circle".
Meaning that all our hard work, triumphs, sorrows, and all that lies between come down to this.

Miss Ahley Hobbit now has a home of her very own!
We have watched as Ashley, along with many others, were rescued off that terrible mountain down in Arkansas, taken in by many wonderful people along the way, and nurtured along, to be able to live long and happy lives as they were meant to do!!
To Ahsley, ..... you little cutie!!!
Live the good life , sweetie pea! and stay in touch! You will live in our hearts fur-ever, and be an inspiration in many more rescues to come!!
Krisitne (blog maker & long term foster home)
Lisa-IBR/ President - founder

Monday, July 03, 2006 

The Effects of Nurturing Shine Brightly

I do feel honored to have little Miss Ashley Hobbit here. She is a NORMAL doggie now.

She is confident and playful, and as she is just a kid- herself, she is really a silly character and will bring so much joy to the lucky person who gets to adopt her.

Just for fun I will bring her to Agility class next Saturday and maybe let her work on upland birds on Sunday.

What a little Blessing she is!!

When I found out she was pregnant- I just couldn’t let her be spayed and the puppies aborted. Kristine and Jonah were my rescue angels that helped Ashley and her kids have a safe place to live for a few weeks. I will forever be grateful to them!!


Camp Lucky Pets

I have been so taken with her since the moment she came to Camp Luckypets back in March.
My first memory will always be of her little brown face- hiding in the back of one of the cages in my garage- frightened to death.
I can recall the next day her gaining some courage to come out from under the porch and hang with the rest of the pack.
She finally came to me and took a treat out of my hand


Sweet Ashley Hobbit

The heartwarming story of Ashley Hobbit has been one of the brighter moments in saddness of the "Boat Mountain Clan" Story.
Each and every dog IBR was able to pull from that wreckage has been given a new lease on life.

Without the continued help of all IBR's members and newly adopted familys, these dogs would never have made it.
If they were to be adopted out under normal shelter conditions, chances are very high they would have been returned, due to the special attention they require, through no fault of thier own.


Ashley Heads For Auntie Lisa's House,...

Ashley Heads For Auntie Lisa's House,... remember, the lady with the cheese?....