Monday, June 26, 2006 

The Adoptions Begin!

Luna is the first hobbit to be officially adopted--Yay! This picture is the first of many, I'm sure, at her wonderful new home. Here is an update from her new furever mommy:

She is such a sweetie: spunky, brave, responsive, playful and quite the food hound. BeBe's doing well with her, Boone and Pike, are having some adjustment issues, but Boone seems better today.
I think things will work out.
Luna's napping right now--so I've got a little break. She cried for about 5 minutes yesterday on the way home and then slept. What a good puppy. She's gone potty outside, too!

Saturday, June 10, 2006 

For information on how to adopt, go to

Ashley and her Pointer Puppies
These 2 pictures were taken when the puppies were 5-6 weeks old. The baby hobbits are now 7 weeks old, and weigh between 5 1/2 and 7 pounds, give or take a few ounces (it's pretty tough to get an accurate measure of bouncy pointer puppies). Momma is finished nursing, but still has fun playing with her babies out in the yard. She likes to tackle them and tease them, helping them to build their confidence. She has been a natural, protective, but loving mother all along. Good momma, Ashley!

(For more information on how to adopt, go to

The following individual pictures were taken this week. Happy 7 weeks old, puppies!



Ares, the God of War...

Ares was the first born, without any human help at all! He decided to make his appearance while his foster mommy and daddy were mowing the lawn!
He's the only pup with a partially white face mask. He also has a cute little kink at the end of his tail.

Ares is such a little bud--he just loves to be loved. He also loves to start wresting matches with his little brothers and sisters and show them how it's done. Ares is going to make someone a fantastic little loyal buddy.



Kora, the Goddess of Spring

Little Miss Kora is slightly more petite than the other gals. She has 2 spots on her back, and a larger spot that is conjoined with her dark head.

Even though Kora is a little smaller, she is just as bouncy and energetic as the rest. It's hard to get a picture of her, because she's either bouncing around, or running up to my lap for a cuddle. She's a sweet little kissy face!!



Helios, God of the Sun...

Helios has a lot of markings around his neck, like he's wearing a scarf! He also has a little spot on his tail.

Helios is perfectly content to go off exploring, or to be curled up on your chest or in your lap. He is pretty happy either way. He is the puppy most likely to be hanging out, patiently waiting his next journey outside, or dish of food.



Wings Hobbit...

Wings was the very last baby Hobbit to be born. He is named for the markings on his neck, which look like angel wings. He has no other markings on the rest of his body, unlike the other puppies.

Wings is definitely an attention hog. He loves to be with people, and he's not afraid to tell you so! Wings has always been the first to outgrow (or outjump) the whelping pens we set up. Every time we modified it as the puppies grew, he was the first to use his spring-like legs to hop right over. Stinker Hobbit! I like to think he only did it to be closer to mama or us! :0)



Luna, Goddess of the Moon...

Luna's name came to us for two reasons. One, she has only one big spot on her back, in the shape of a full moon. She was also born as dusk was approaching, and the moon was coming out.

Luna is Ms. Curious about everything. She loves to wrestle with her brothers and sisters, and is not shy about initiating a little play time!



Ceres, Goddess of Earth and Harvest...

Everyone asks how we tell them apart. I always remember Ceres by the 3 spots on her tail that run together, just like a Cirrus (pronounced just like her name) cloud. The hobbit puppies were also born on Earth Day!

Ceres is a bouncy, happy pointer. She has discovered that she loves to eat bark mulch when we're not looking! She is an explorer and is not at all afraid to go check out everything is the yard (or eat foster mom's irises).

Friday, June 09, 2006 

Helios Hobbit


...mmmm grass tastes good!!

Ares Hobbit





Wings and Helios Hobbit


Run, Lucky, Run!!

The little guys love Lucky, but Lucky doesn't stay near for too long!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006 

Ares and Momma Ashley


Stop and smell the roses...or peonies!

Ares loves to smell the flowers...then pick off the petals and eat them one by one!! Silly boy!

Sunday, June 04, 2006 

Luna, Pointer Extroadinare

I'm amazed at the natural point the puppies have. Luna found something that smelled awfully good!


Little Puppy Buds!!